Impact a Community

We work with the belief that no problem stands alone without a solution, thus approaching our work educating children with a sustainable approach and lifting the community out of poverty. 

How It Works

To implement our essentials we work with expert partners locally and in harmony with dedicated community members. We are aware that each community has its distinct needs thus varying the development of the timeline.

Year 1

Development Begins
● Community Mobilization
● Initiate mobile health clinic
● Mobilize women for income skill training & educational workshops for parents.
● Local outreach

Year 2

● Construction of classrooms
● Clean Water and Sanitation Workshop
● Conduct health workshops & continue preventive care.
● Identify income generating activities
● Develop agriculture project, school farm and nutrition program
● Local Outreach

Year 3

● Construction of classrooms and teacher’s accommodation
● Water kiosk & handwashing station in schools.
● Continue mobile health clinics at school
● Develop farm
● Local Outreach

Year 4

● Construction of classroom(s) and library
● Provide leadership programming & teacher’s training.
● Financial literacy for alternative income
● Local Outreach

Year 5

Implementation Complete
● Complete construction of teacher’s accommodation
● Support households to connect to water supply.
● Continue agriculture training and agri-business training
● Continue financial literacy training for alternative income
● Local Outreach

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