Our Motto

Our Mission

Our goal is to uplift communities out of poverty in a holistic way using our 5 essentials development model. Education, Water and Sanitation, Food and Nutrition , HealthIncome Training.

A Better Future

We begin our work at a grass roots level. We help the communities by providing the essentials needed for a better life. We focus on the children because they are the future of these communities.

Developing by Helping

La Famille’s mission is driven by the fundamental belief that there is always a pathway to a better life. To accomplish our mission, we implement an integrated model for development that has been proven to reduce poverty by working with community leaders.

Educating the Future

Studies prove education changes everything. Education yields a larger impact than ANY other form of help or aid we can give.

Bettering The Community

We are truly working to reduce poverty and hardships. La Famille Foundation is focused on providing support and partnership every single day. Through those honest efforts we work hard to benefit and better the community we partner with.

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