AHDD: Building a Sustainable Future for Haiti

AHDD or the "Humanitarian Association for Sustainable Development", is a social economic organization in Les Cayes, Haiti, composed of agronomists, farmers, project managers, and engineers that design and maintain sustainable structures- such as water reservoirs, rain catchment, and water sanitation systems- in heavily affected areas. La Famille both finances and works with AHDD to connect underserved farmers to get access to water, and educational, labor and employment resources.


What We Offer

Project Management

Organizing mobile health clinics, and providing Relief aid.

Civil Engineering

Plan, design and supervise the construction and maintenance of water well, reservoir and irrigation system.

Community Education

Basic water usage training and community sanitation education.


Employment Training

Training locals in masonry, construction, and all other useful trades and skills.

Employment Opportunities

Day-of labor, part-time, and fulltime employment opportunities.

Supply Sourcing

Local supply sourcing, such as concrete, steel, and construction equipment

Who We Serve

Local Farmers

Helping local farmers in Haiti involves providing them with access to modern agricultural practices, training, and resources to improve their crop yields and income. Additionally, supporting and promoting their products in local and international markets can contribute to the economic growth of Haiti's agricultural sector and uplift farming communities.

At-Risk Communities

Assisting at-risk communities in Haiti requires a holistic approach that addresses their immediate needs, such as access to clean water, food, and healthcare, while also focusing on long-term solutions like education and vocational training to empower individuals and break the cycle of poverty. Collaborating with local organizations and implementing sustainable development projects can help create lasting positive impacts and improve the overall well-being of these vulnerable communities.

Women In Need

Empowering women in need in Haiti involves providing them with access to education, vocational training, and resources to develop their skills and self-sufficiency, thereby enhancing their economic independence and opportunities. Additionally, promoting gender equality and supporting initiatives that address women's health and safety can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women to thrive and contribute to the development of their communities.


the mission of AHDD is to create sustainable investments for the Haitian people using climate-resilient engineering, community-centered agriculture, and scalable employment & education practices

Our Team

Jean Maxime Pierre Louis


Slande Pierre Louis


Jean Gardy Pierre Louis

Vice President

Laure Beaubrun


Robenson Ducé


Job Calvin

Director of Operations

Katia Pierre Louis

Administrative Assistant

Recent Project

70,000 Gallon Rain Catchment & Water Reservoir System | Les Cayes,Haiti

In Les Cayes, we recognized the urgent need for economic empowerment and resilience-building in the face of environmental challenges. We implemented climate-resilient engineering techniques to develop crucial infrastructure that could withstand the region's unpredictable climate patterns. This laid the foundation for a more secure and sustainable future.

The culmination of our efforts resulted in an impressive $35,000 in annual revenue. This financial success, however, was just a reflection of the deeper transformation we witnessed. The project instilled a sense of empowerment, resilience, and hope among the people of Les Cayes. It showcased the true potential of sustainable investments, and I'm incredibly proud to have been part of a project that embodies the spirit of positive change and lasting impact.


Project Description: 70,000 Gallon Rain Catchment & Water Reservoir System 
Location: Les Cayes, SUD Haiti
Construction Dates: August - September 2022
Cost: $50,000 USD
Annual Revenue: $35,000+ USD
Farmers Served: 58Annual
Volume of Crops Produced: 30,000+ kg
Crops Produced: Tomatoes, rice, cabbage, corn, black beans, pigeon pea, potatoes, and bell peppers

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